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Review: The World Ends With You – Nintendo DS

I don’t usually make reviews in here. Mostly because I’m not a very good writer, and when I try to review things, to me it looks a little artificial. However, this game has really captivated me. So here we go.

To those of you who don’t know, The World Ends With You (previously known as It’s a Wonderful World) is a game from Square-Enix, from the same team as Kingdom Hearts. Well, that has not made me want to play it at first. Why? I don’t really like Videogame Classic RPG’s, like Final Fantasy. To me, fighting in a game must be something made by me, not by an AI when I click on a button. And also, Kingdom Hearts don’t really made me want more, I played the first one until the end, but it didn’t made me want the second one. But when I knew it was an Action RPG, I decided to give it a chance. Mostly because it was a new kind.

Let me explain, in The World Ends With You, you play in both DS screens simultaneously. The upper is not a map or anything, but a fight, just like the bottom one. How this works? Well, the upper screen is controlled by directional or buttons (A,B,X,Y), while bottom one is controlled with the stylus. One character in each screen, the two characters sharing the same Health Bar. While the upper one use combos and mostly body attacks, the bottom one uses something we could call “magic”, each one being triggered by a different move with the stylus.

“Okay, so what? Square made an impossible game, playing in both screen at the same time? My eyes don’t go two fucking different directions!”. No, you are wrong. The upper screen, in fact, have an AI that can be turned on to control it. Then, you only get the bottom one, and while you get used to the system, you can make the AI get less control, until you are comfortable with manual control, or you can let the AI do it’s job and focus in the bottom screen.

When I played the first time this new fighting system, I finally found a RPG that captivated me. Well, Square-Enix just had to do a good history and we would be good to go.

And they did. Instead of medieval castles, magical powers, wizards, you are in modern-day Tokyo. It is crowded, you have a cell phone. The game artwork is really good, for that matter. It makes you really feel in a big city.

I really don’t know what else to say. The game is very good. It takes you through learning, without rushing, and the history is unveiled meanwhile.

Whether or not you are a RPG fan, this game is a must. You must at least check it out.

John Doe pt. I

He was a John Doe. His name was Peter, but he had no friends to call him Pete. He lived a boring life, in a boring place, meant to be unnoticed. And many people wonder ’till this day what really happened. How he got his powers. Why.
During some time after The Event he volunteered to be studied, he wished to be someone more than anything else, and this was his chance. According to some log files, he said he was walking between job and home or something, and then, all of sudden, he was struck by some kind of lightning. But was no ordinary lightning. He felt pleasure and yet, pain. He felt warmth. He felt really alive, the first time in his life.
In the next moment he was lying on the ground, with an excruciating pain, but he felt something had changed. He was to the hospital and the doctors found nothing out of ordinary. Lightning would have burned him, but he didn’t have any marks. He was discharged as if he had a nervous breakdown. He was upset. In fact, he was angry. They have said it again. They have done it again. “You are OK, couldn’t be more /normal/.”.
It was two or three days later that he discovered he had more strength, much more. He joined a gym so he could try it out, and all people there were impressed as no exercise was difficult to him. He still looked normal, but his strength was overwhelming. In fact, it was not until two weeks later that his body started to look more powerful also. Some witness said that he was looking like he had exercised all his life. His bodywork was perfect.
He finally started to get what he wanted: Friends. Girls. Fame. And with this he also got lies, deceive, envy. They didn’t want him. They wanted his body. His strength.
The other people annoyed him. Humans annoyed him. It was around this time he decided it was time to purge the earth. Also, was around this time he discovered that his body was virtually Indestructible. He enjoyed the fact that no one could really stop him.
He started by his building. He killed everyone. In the most cruel form he could find. The authorities said that had never seen something like that. CIA taken over the case, and some veterans later said that have only saw that kind of cruelty in wars. They tried to bring him to their side. They were out of luck. Firearms, Missiles, Tanks. He really have became unstoppable. His madness had already taken countless lives, two cities lied in ruins. It was then that they sent the bomb. All countries agreed, there was nothing else to do. He had to die, he was a threat.
But it didn’t work. He created wings. Black, feathered wings. His eyes became dark. It was a scary vision. Some said the apocalypse had arrived. Many took their own lives. People prayed night and day in churches. You could feel the fear sparkling in the air.
Until one day, he disappeared, just as he came. It was the end. Or was it?

Tale: Random Thoughts

    So, I’m will upload another video at YouTube, the one I uploaded yesterday was very commented, and people really liked. Youtube. You know, I thought it was an idea that wouldn’t stick. When some scandals began, in 2007 or 2006, I can’t really remember now, I thought it would end. And yet, it has now been online for years!
Well, but anyway, I will download it from my brain when I go to sleep, so tomorrow it should be online
I find it funny how my parents never really got the idea of Super Sleep. They still sleep 8 hours a day, instead of the 1 hour and a half that Super Sleep needs. To them, the idea of having a computer connected to your brain “fixing” everything is quite strange.
To me, strange is just the Sensation Sharing that kids are doing these days. I like to put the videos I make with my imagination online, but I find rather strange to put my neural patterns online so that other people can try it. I mean, who knows what they can do with them!
I was watching some old movies this weekend, I was amazed at how we risked ourselves at cars without autopilot. I mean, I have driven a car myself, it is very nice and such, but my goodness. Have you ever thought of how many humans have died of car crashes?
But I think this wouldn’t be possible without the decrease of population. I mean, we got past 8 billion people. If we haven’t fixed this, I think earth would be completely overcrowded these days. Lucky us!
One thing I still laugh about these days is fitness. I remember a friend that was very pissed off when he listened that people would be able to be fit without the suffering of exercise. For him, being fit was a reward from being able to handle the suffering, and if it was a commonplace it would lose charm. Well, it hasn’t. And it’s much better to just be fit, instead of having to go to Gyms and such.
Well, anyway, I’ll stop from here. I’m going to Super Sleep, and then finish some things I’ve left over. See ya.

The 80’s

While I work I’m used to listen to music in ear phones, it’s a great way to focus more on the screen and less in the enviroment, even though I love my work environment ;)

And I’m very eclectic nowadays, even though I was a hard rocker in the college, with all the strangeness included heheh

But lately I like very much to listen 80’s music. Not necessarily mainstream music, like Prince or Phil Collins, but Depeche Mode, The Cure, and some other bands..

The soundtrack for the game GTA: Vice City for instance includes some really good music in the V-Rock Station, songs like Loverboy – Working for the Weekend, Twisted Sisters – I Wanna Rock and others.

AC-DC, Iron Maiden, and some others great artists too.

I really don’t know why some people find the 80’s a “Lost Decade”, at least, not for music :)

St. Cosme and St. Damião’s Day

Halloween is now celebrated in parts of the western world, most commonly in Ireland, the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and sometimes in Australia and New Zealand. In recent years, the holiday has also been celebrated in parts of Western Europe.

Source: Wikipedia on Halloween

Here in Brazil, we do not celebrate Halloween, and I like to think we have this holiday split in two: Carnaval(Carnival) and St Cosme and St Damião’s Day.

In Carnaval kids wear costumes, it lasts three or four days. It’s a big party, when lots of people come from lots of places and enjoy Samba.

But St Cosme and St Damião’s day is the day when kids go out to get candies. Lots of people that believe in the twins saints also believe that they can grant their prayers in return for them to give candies and toys for kids in their day. So, in September 27th(AKA today) lots of people give little bags with candies inside, usually bubble gums, “pés-de-moleque”(a sugar/peanut candy), “maria moles”(a sugar candy), “jujubas”(one kind of jelly gum), amongst others.

Candies and bags
St Cosme and St Damião Candy Bags and Some Candies

Well, I don’t know exactly why the hell I wrote this post. But I woke up in the mood of speaking english, and this was the best excuse I found for using it ;)

The misterious diary, pt. 1

I’m starting this diary to write about my powers. It’s strange to write this: my powers. But I’m writing about it. Just a few close friends know about them. And I have the need to tell the world about them, but I can’t. This is why i’m writing this diary. I think I will drop it somewhere, someday. And hope someone make this public. Powers are REAL.It all began all of sudden, I was at the bus, cursing why everyday I had to take so long to go home. “I wish I could just be home, like this, zap!”. And then it happened for the first time. All went black, when I was brought to myself again, I was looking in my apartment’s door. At first I was very scared. I tried to remember how I had got there, but all I could remember was five seconds before, me in the bus. Well, I made up many reasons that day, and the reasons I pretended for a long time was that I had a brief amnesia, maybe from stress.

I forced me to not have similar thoughts for a long time, until one day I was so pissed off, all I wish was to be miles away from where I was, and it happened again. I was at a forest, away from any civilization, and this time was no way to deny it.

You see, teleporting is a very weird feeling, but, thankfully, it gets better with time. But this time, this second time, all I could feel was like I was seeing multiple images at my mind at the same time, and them I simply was there.

I stood there for some time, looking to all that nature, until I finally gave up trying to find a good reason. I was convinced I had teleported there. Well, at that point, I decided to start experimenting. And I must tell you, as an ordinary guy, I teleported to A LOT of female friend’s rooms in the first days. I also discovered that teleporting was the most awesome way of transport ever.

But you know, if you discover something like this, you just HAS to tell someone. I decided to tell a friend of mine. We were friends since childhood. Well, I didn’t know exactly how to tell him that, but I decided to do this way:

– Man. I have to show you something, but I reaaally hope you don’t freak out.
– If you have some weird STD in your dick I DON’T want to see it.
– No, man, just tell me some nice place you wanted to go.
– Aw, I don’t know man, Mars?
– No, no, some place on earth.
– Hmm.. I think that would be.. Australia, I just wanted to see Kangaroos and stuff.
– Ok, hold tight.

I grabbed his arm and we were in Australia. Obviously, he freaked out. It took me some time to get him back to his normal state. Well, me and him travelled around the world in the first month.
I will write more tomorrow.