Making Sencha Touch 2.0 work with Phonegap on Windows

Well, I’m no expert on the tools, but I had some difficulty to make the whole thing work on windows, so here is my step-by-step:

1- Download the xampp or something like that, you’ll need it to debug.

2- Download the touch SDK, and extract inside the folder xampp uses to display (normally, htdocs inside C:\xampp)

3- Download Sencha Cmd, NOT Sencha SDK Tools. Sencha SDK tools will give you an error if you try to execute it with the current touch version. ([ERROR] the current working directory (\your\path) is not valid SDK directory. Please ‘cd’ in to a SDK directory before executing this command.)

4- Download ruby and then install compass with gems.

Don’t forget to set all necessary paths and environment variables, INCLUDING JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME.

(Bonus: for this part, since I would already use it to develop to android, I’ve set ANT_HOME to inside the ADT bundle folder, which comes with an eclipse ready to develop)

Ok, now sencha touch is ready to create the project and build it.

From there on, let’s use the method described on

With a little modification, I had to change the line

proc = subprocess.Popen([‘sencha.bat’ if == ‘nt’ else ‘sencha’] + list(sys.argv[1:]),


proc = subprocess.Popen([‘sencha’] + list(sys.argv[1:]),

Also, the path was being ignored, so I applied the solution seen here:

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