Review: The World Ends With You – Nintendo DS

I don’t usually make reviews in here. Mostly because I’m not a very good writer, and when I try to review things, to me it looks a little artificial. However, this game has really captivated me. So here we go.

To those of you who don’t know, The World Ends With You (previously known as It’s a Wonderful World) is a game from Square-Enix, from the same team as Kingdom Hearts. Well, that has not made me want to play it at first. Why? I don’t really like Videogame Classic RPG’s, like Final Fantasy. To me, fighting in a game must be something made by me, not by an AI when I click on a button. And also, Kingdom Hearts don’t really made me want more, I played the first one until the end, but it didn’t made me want the second one. But when I knew it was an Action RPG, I decided to give it a chance. Mostly because it was a new kind.

Let me explain, in The World Ends With You, you play in both DS screens simultaneously. The upper is not a map or anything, but a fight, just like the bottom one. How this works? Well, the upper screen is controlled by directional or buttons (A,B,X,Y), while bottom one is controlled with the stylus. One character in each screen, the two characters sharing the same Health Bar. While the upper one use combos and mostly body attacks, the bottom one uses something we could call “magic”, each one being triggered by a different move with the stylus.

“Okay, so what? Square made an impossible game, playing in both screen at the same time? My eyes don’t go two fucking different directions!”. No, you are wrong. The upper screen, in fact, have an AI that can be turned on to control it. Then, you only get the bottom one, and while you get used to the system, you can make the AI get less control, until you are comfortable with manual control, or you can let the AI do it’s job and focus in the bottom screen.

When I played the first time this new fighting system, I finally found a RPG that captivated me. Well, Square-Enix just had to do a good history and we would be good to go.

And they did. Instead of medieval castles, magical powers, wizards, you are in modern-day Tokyo. It is crowded, you have a cell phone. The game artwork is really good, for that matter. It makes you really feel in a big city.

I really don’t know what else to say. The game is very good. It takes you through learning, without rushing, and the history is unveiled meanwhile.

Whether or not you are a RPG fan, this game is a must. You must at least check it out.

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