John Doe pt. I

He was a John Doe. His name was Peter, but he had no friends to call him Pete. He lived a boring life, in a boring place, meant to be unnoticed. And many people wonder ’till this day what really happened. How he got his powers. Why.
During some time after The Event he volunteered to be studied, he wished to be someone more than anything else, and this was his chance. According to some log files, he said he was walking between job and home or something, and then, all of sudden, he was struck by some kind of lightning. But was no ordinary lightning. He felt pleasure and yet, pain. He felt warmth. He felt really alive, the first time in his life.
In the next moment he was lying on the ground, with an excruciating pain, but he felt something had changed. He was to the hospital and the doctors found nothing out of ordinary. Lightning would have burned him, but he didn’t have any marks. He was discharged as if he had a nervous breakdown. He was upset. In fact, he was angry. They have said it again. They have done it again. “You are OK, couldn’t be more /normal/.”.
It was two or three days later that he discovered he had more strength, much more. He joined a gym so he could try it out, and all people there were impressed as no exercise was difficult to him. He still looked normal, but his strength was overwhelming. In fact, it was not until two weeks later that his body started to look more powerful also. Some witness said that he was looking like he had exercised all his life. His bodywork was perfect.
He finally started to get what he wanted: Friends. Girls. Fame. And with this he also got lies, deceive, envy. They didn’t want him. They wanted his body. His strength.
The other people annoyed him. Humans annoyed him. It was around this time he decided it was time to purge the earth. Also, was around this time he discovered that his body was virtually Indestructible. He enjoyed the fact that no one could really stop him.
He started by his building. He killed everyone. In the most cruel form he could find. The authorities said that had never seen something like that. CIA taken over the case, and some veterans later said that have only saw that kind of cruelty in wars. They tried to bring him to their side. They were out of luck. Firearms, Missiles, Tanks. He really have became unstoppable. His madness had already taken countless lives, two cities lied in ruins. It was then that they sent the bomb. All countries agreed, there was nothing else to do. He had to die, he was a threat.
But it didn’t work. He created wings. Black, feathered wings. His eyes became dark. It was a scary vision. Some said the apocalypse had arrived. Many took their own lives. People prayed night and day in churches. You could feel the fear sparkling in the air.
Until one day, he disappeared, just as he came. It was the end. Or was it?

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