Tale: Random Thoughts

    So, I’m will upload another video at YouTube, the one I uploaded yesterday was very commented, and people really liked. Youtube. You know, I thought it was an idea that wouldn’t stick. When some scandals began, in 2007 or 2006, I can’t really remember now, I thought it would end. And yet, it has now been online for years!
Well, but anyway, I will download it from my brain when I go to sleep, so tomorrow it should be online
I find it funny how my parents never really got the idea of Super Sleep. They still sleep 8 hours a day, instead of the 1 hour and a half that Super Sleep needs. To them, the idea of having a computer connected to your brain “fixing” everything is quite strange.
To me, strange is just the Sensation Sharing that kids are doing these days. I like to put the videos I make with my imagination online, but I find rather strange to put my neural patterns online so that other people can try it. I mean, who knows what they can do with them!
I was watching some old movies this weekend, I was amazed at how we risked ourselves at cars without autopilot. I mean, I have driven a car myself, it is very nice and such, but my goodness. Have you ever thought of how many humans have died of car crashes?
But I think this wouldn’t be possible without the decrease of population. I mean, we got past 8 billion people. If we haven’t fixed this, I think earth would be completely overcrowded these days. Lucky us!
One thing I still laugh about these days is fitness. I remember a friend that was very pissed off when he listened that people would be able to be fit without the suffering of exercise. For him, being fit was a reward from being able to handle the suffering, and if it was a commonplace it would lose charm. Well, it hasn’t. And it’s much better to just be fit, instead of having to go to Gyms and such.
Well, anyway, I’ll stop from here. I’m going to Super Sleep, and then finish some things I’ve left over. See ya.

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