The 80’s

While I work I’m used to listen to music in ear phones, it’s a great way to focus more on the screen and less in the enviroment, even though I love my work environment ;)

And I’m very eclectic nowadays, even though I was a hard rocker in the college, with all the strangeness included heheh

But lately I like very much to listen 80’s music. Not necessarily mainstream music, like Prince or Phil Collins, but Depeche Mode, The Cure, and some other bands..

The soundtrack for the game GTA: Vice City for instance includes some really good music in the V-Rock Station, songs like Loverboy – Working for the Weekend, Twisted Sisters – I Wanna Rock and others.

AC-DC, Iron Maiden, and some others great artists too.

I really don’t know why some people find the 80’s a “Lost Decade”, at least, not for music :)

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