St. Cosme and St. Damião’s Day

Halloween is now celebrated in parts of the western world, most commonly in Ireland, the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and sometimes in Australia and New Zealand. In recent years, the holiday has also been celebrated in parts of Western Europe.

Source: Wikipedia on Halloween

Here in Brazil, we do not celebrate Halloween, and I like to think we have this holiday split in two: Carnaval(Carnival) and St Cosme and St Damião’s Day.

In Carnaval kids wear costumes, it lasts three or four days. It’s a big party, when lots of people come from lots of places and enjoy Samba.

But St Cosme and St Damião’s day is the day when kids go out to get candies. Lots of people that believe in the twins saints also believe that they can grant their prayers in return for them to give candies and toys for kids in their day. So, in September 27th(AKA today) lots of people give little bags with candies inside, usually bubble gums, “pés-de-moleque”(a sugar/peanut candy), “maria moles”(a sugar candy), “jujubas”(one kind of jelly gum), amongst others.

Candies and bags
St Cosme and St Damião Candy Bags and Some Candies

Well, I don’t know exactly why the hell I wrote this post. But I woke up in the mood of speaking english, and this was the best excuse I found for using it ;)

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