The misterious diary, pt. 1

I’m starting this diary to write about my powers. It’s strange to write this: my powers. But I’m writing about it. Just a few close friends know about them. And I have the need to tell the world about them, but I can’t. This is why i’m writing this diary. I think I will drop it somewhere, someday. And hope someone make this public. Powers are REAL.It all began all of sudden, I was at the bus, cursing why everyday I had to take so long to go home. “I wish I could just be home, like this, zap!”. And then it happened for the first time. All went black, when I was brought to myself again, I was looking in my apartment’s door. At first I was very scared. I tried to remember how I had got there, but all I could remember was five seconds before, me in the bus. Well, I made up many reasons that day, and the reasons I pretended for a long time was that I had a brief amnesia, maybe from stress.

I forced me to not have similar thoughts for a long time, until one day I was so pissed off, all I wish was to be miles away from where I was, and it happened again. I was at a forest, away from any civilization, and this time was no way to deny it.

You see, teleporting is a very weird feeling, but, thankfully, it gets better with time. But this time, this second time, all I could feel was like I was seeing multiple images at my mind at the same time, and them I simply was there.

I stood there for some time, looking to all that nature, until I finally gave up trying to find a good reason. I was convinced I had teleported there. Well, at that point, I decided to start experimenting. And I must tell you, as an ordinary guy, I teleported to A LOT of female friend’s rooms in the first days. I also discovered that teleporting was the most awesome way of transport ever.

But you know, if you discover something like this, you just HAS to tell someone. I decided to tell a friend of mine. We were friends since childhood. Well, I didn’t know exactly how to tell him that, but I decided to do this way:

– Man. I have to show you something, but I reaaally hope you don’t freak out.
– If you have some weird STD in your dick I DON’T want to see it.
– No, man, just tell me some nice place you wanted to go.
– Aw, I don’t know man, Mars?
– No, no, some place on earth.
– Hmm.. I think that would be.. Australia, I just wanted to see Kangaroos and stuff.
– Ok, hold tight.

I grabbed his arm and we were in Australia. Obviously, he freaked out. It took me some time to get him back to his normal state. Well, me and him travelled around the world in the first month.
I will write more tomorrow.

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