A Little Tale Pt. 2

Robert and Leonard walked through the night, they remained silent for a long time, but Robert was thinking, he was anxious.
“What am I doing here? This can’t be real, he must be some kind of crazy maniac, vampires aren’t real. They exist only in Video Games, movies, books. Not in real life.” – He tried to bring reason to his head, but the truth is that he felt something strange, like an excitation, like he knew what was coming, like he always expected for that.
Leonard entered in a dim-lighted building, the corridor was in a good shaped, but a cold shiver ran down Robert’s spine. The scent in that place, he knew it, but couldn’t tell what was.
“Here we are.” – Leonard said. They entered in an apartment, it was well decorated, with ancient furniture, but very well conserved. – “Have a sit, Robert. Can I serve you a drink?”
“No thanks. I.. I just..” – He didn’t know what to say. But Leonard interrupted – “See.. Don’t be afraid. I will do you no harm. Let’s just have a chat. After that, you can do what you think it’s best.”
The night was just a child.

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