The end of our lives

Hi, my name is Henry. I’ve died, hundreds of times. No, I’m not some kind of hero, nor am I writing this from the after life, I’m alive right now, at least, until today at 10pm..

Let me explain, some time ago, well, technically, yesterday, but from my account, it has been five months now. It’s even weirder to read this, you know. five months. Okay, so I’ve been living this day again and again for five months now. You see, I’ve always had deja vus, and at some point of my life, they became visions, then, five months ago – or yesterday, as you wish – I’ve had a vision of the world exploding. Yeah, like in the movies. I obviously though I was going crazy. See, the whole world, blowing up, it’s not normal, you know.. Well, as any normal person would, I totally ignored this vision, thought it was just an really fucked up dream. Well, it wasn’t. Today, at 10pm the world blew up. Or will blow up. Aw, fuck. This is too weird. Okay, anyway, I died. And when I thought I was finally going to rest, bang! I wake up today, 6am. Well, at first I thought it was some kind of incredibly real dream. Then it happened, all over again.

You see, dying, it isn’t that bad, but dying again and again for a whole week, can drive a man crazy. And that’s what happened, I went crazy, and then I killed myself. You know, it is a strange thing to say, “I killed myself”. I am alive, fuck. And you know what is worse? This happened just today. Oh yeah, it can get even worse.

I then tried to change something, to uncover something, I don’t know. But I just couldn’t find out anything about that damn explosion, I still don’t know why it happens. I even tried to destroy the world myself. See, five months, it gives you time to look for whatever you want. I’ve learned a lot. Then I hacked into some government computers, and I nuked the world. I died. And it all happen again, no way to escape, bad bad universe, no donut for you.

I gave up, you see. Now I completely accept the idea that I’m going to die everyday, and watch everything to happen over and over again.. Now, if you could excuse me, i’m going to travel to the beach, it’s the best place in the world to see the world to go boom. Good dying to you all, see you tomorrow ;)

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