A Little Tale Pt. 1

As the man sat down by his side, his eyes were strangely attracted to the man. He was tall, his hair was long and his eyes were blue, a very exceptional tone. He tried to look outside the window again, but he couldn’t, something attracted his eyes to the man. The man looked at him and smiled – “My name is Leonard” – and by some strange force, he answered – “I’m robert” – He felt he need to apologize, and he said: “I’m sorry, I thought you were an old friend” – lying. so that it wouldn’t be very strange to have an unknown looking at you at the bus. But Leonard answered kindly: “Oh, Robert, don’t worry. I was hoping you would do exactly this.”
Robert froze. Leonard was a complete stranger, but even so his voice was like he known Robert for a very long time.

– “I’ve been watching you, you know.” – and without giving Robert the chance to say anything, he continued – “You see, as weird as this can sound, i’m a vampire.”

Robert looked at Leonard, and answered with his old irony – “Oh, I see. Well, I’m sorry I can’t stay with you right now, but I have to save the world, I’m Superman.” – He stood up and tried to leave, but he stopped as Leonard spoke.

“Robert. You will only go when I say so. Right now, I want to explain to you why I chose you. This irony of yours, Robert. I really like it. And you are acid, I like this too. And it’s been years since I saw someone with such a passion. You are unique, Robert. And this is why I chose you. Now, let’s take a walk.”

Leonard stood up and Robert resisted. Leonard rang the bell. Robert decided to stay at the bus, he wasn’t going with a mad man. But he was curious. Chose him? What for? This sparkle of curiosity made him stand up too. He followed Leonard as he left the bus.

“I was sure you would come”

And they walked in the night.

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