The creation of posts

This blog was created for one reason: the hours of my day when I’m alone. I have a insane imagination, and sometimes it go nuts, and I get one thought after another. I would have much more things to write here if I took notes of my thoughts (and if weren’t for those banners up there). Sometimes I try to get myself to focus on something, but most of the time my head keeps going.

It’s been like this for as long as I can remember. Every time I get idle, my head starts think about a million different things. Random things. That’s why i thought of naming this blog “Random Thoughts”, but as expected, this is the name of hundreds of blogs out there :P
I don’t mean to become a “problogger”, so I don’t really need a unique name, but having a common name is very boring, that’s why I just put that name as the main section of the posts.

The time I write the most is when I’m coming home every day. I usually don’t have much to think about in the end of the day, so my head goes on a trip thru my imagination.

Well, but that doesn’t matter, does it? ;)

One thought on “The creation of posts”

  1. That’s just another history…


    Well, I have the same problem… Sometimes I say that my mind must have wings, ’cause it flies for a sooooo loooong time…

    Hugs, nigga.

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