Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

No, i’m not closing the blog nor i’ll kill myself. The title merely ilustrates what I think will happen some years from now.

When I was a kid, I were afraid of aliens, beings from other planets. I don’t know if I was afraid of being abducted or afraid of an invasion, but I really was afraid of them. As I grew up, my fear was gone, and more, I would be glad to see aliens nowadays. Not an “ET PHONE HOME” kind of alien, but I would be happy if some day a bunch of aliens appeared from nowhere and pointed their skinny fingers at us and told us: “Your naughty boys! Look what you’ve done to your home! Who is gonna clean up this mess now, huh? I mean it, this is the last time we clean up your mess! Next time you’re on your own!”. Then they used some hi-tech gadgets and reversed the pollution, greenhouse effect, and all the other mess human race is doing for generations.

Sometimes I even wish I was myself the “Menino do Dedo Verde” (Tistou les pouces verts, Maurice Druon) and that I was able to make trees and flowers appear anywhere. I think part of the problem would be solved this way.

Well, neither has happened so far. I think that some years from now, the dolphins are gonna say their largely known motto: “Goodbye and thanks for all the fish”. So sad.

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