The “I know him(her)” sensation

Have you ever had this one? You see someone, you see his or her face and you are sure you’ve seen him before, you know you did, you might even had talked to her someday, but you can’t remember.

Maybe was in the street, you was were walking and him was walking on the other direction? No.

In a party? Friend of a friend of yours? A parent? An alien that has abducted you for weird experiences within your most intimate holes???
The fact is, you keep trying to remeber, you keep forcing your mind, trying to make your brain work, you try to remember all places you’ve ever gone, who you met in these places, and try to seek that fucking familiar face, but nothing comes to your mind, and then you start to going nuts, because you know somehow you’ve already seen it, you know it from deep within your heart! WHERE, MY GOD, WHERE?

I hate when this happens, because I can’t stop thinking from where I’ve seen that face, and it’s happening right now. Aw, fuck.

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