Back to the routine

Aw, man, It really started again u.u
Seriously, I was hoping that I would wake up today in the beginning of the vacations, but that didn’t happen, ow well, “shit happens, dude” xD

So, I had three classes today, the first was “Org Dados” (Something like Data Structures), the class I wanted to be in since last period, but I had a conflict with the schedule.. But well, the class is about the part I like, programming and such, and the part I know, also.. I think it will be quite fun x)

The second one was “Cálculo Numérico”(Numeric Calculus, Maybe?) which is a Calculus that uses not the analytical part, but the numeric one. Not bad, but I think first days should be only presentations, bad bad teacher, no donut for you.

The last one was Calculus, I decided to keep with Calculus IV, basically because it would be boring to be able to be in Calculus III, and because everyone is on IV, and doing Calculus all by myself would be a terrible idea xD

Well, that was my first day. Oh yeah, I saw my freshmen also, there are SIX girls! It’s amazing, I never thought this was possible in Computer Science xD

Well, That’s it.

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